Sunday, June 23, 2013

Medication Management Worksheet Freebie!

So this worksheet freebie goes along with the freebie from this post

You can grab this freebie by clicking on the worksheet picture above =) This is a great additional therapy task to compliment medication management and medication sorting. I made this more of a comprehension task and a task to measure their ability to navigate through information independently. It is short and sweet, but I feel it will be a good supplementary task for your medication management session. I intend on using this tomorrow!

Medication Management Freebie (Adult Use Only)

As many of you know from following my blog, I have been in a rehabilitation hospital this summer working with adults. I have received many requests for the items I have been making for use with my adults to be placed in my TPT store. I decided to make this a freebie for all of you. I made these prescription bottle labels and placed them on prescription bottles that were donated by a local pharmacy. Beads were used in place of real medications. Press the picture below to grab the free for use with adults with medications.

Here is the example picture of my materials for this adult cognitive therapy session.

I made 5 sample prescription labels (one for each of the bottles above). Then there is also a "how to read a prescription label from . There is a special credit in the document.  I used this in my opening therapy sessions to help my patients navigate the prescription bottle label .

Press the picture above to download the freebie from google docs!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thank Goodness for the WALC Books from Linguisystems!

One of my favorite therapy items to use with my adults are the WALC Books from Linguisystems! There are so many of them, but my favorite is this one:

Click the picture and it will bring you to the Linguisystems website so you can see their description of the book. Inside you will find exercises for many areas of cognition and what I like most about it is that there are 5-6 pages of each area so I can take 1 book into a patient room and have a whole therapy session worth of stimuli. 

If you work with adults- this is the book to have! Also remember if you purchase the CD, you can put the PDF on your Ipad by using DropBox! I use the worksheets from this book ALL the time in acute care since it is such an easy way to carry materials!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Muncher: Snyder's Tortilla Chips

I LOVE Mexican Food, but I had to give some of my favorite things up because of Celiac's Disease. SOO when Snyder's of Hanover came up with a GF tortilla chip I had to try them! They are SOOOO good- my husband even likes them! Click on the image and it will bring you the Snyder's of Hanover gluten free website recipe page! There are some cool recipes there =) Enjoy some GF tortilla chips and salsa today for a snack! I have never come across a salsa that had gluten in it so it is the perfect snack!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Two "Moore" Ways to Support SLPs---Donation Location

I will start and end with a quote about giving:

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” 

Good Morning Everyone! This blog post is provided to give you the most current information on how to donate to an amazing cause! As you all probably have heard by now, the school district that I work in, Moore Public Schools, was hit by a tornado May 20th, 2013. It leveled two schools that housed four speech language pathologists. They lost everything in the destruction.

(Graphic courtesy of Mia owner of Putting Words In Your Mouth)

The speech bloggers from around the nation have set up two AWESOME AMAZING SUPER COOL bundles full of speech and language activities for you to purchase. ALL proceeds will be going to the Moore Public Schools Speech Language Pathologists that were affected by the tornado. There are two bundles full of very different products. Initially, two groups of SLP's had the same idea and we decided to join the efforts together since we were all trying to raise money for the same reason.

Update: These bundles will be placed on hold until July, then they will be placed back up to support another town affected by the tornado on May 19th (the day before the Moore tornado). 

If you would like to leave a supportive message for the SLP's of Moore, OK you can head on over to the SLPs Care for Oklahoma Facebook Page and write a post there. This page will be shared with all of the SLP's of the Moore Public School District at our first speech meeting next school year.

To purchase the the bundles visit this page:
SLP's Care for Oklahoma TPT Store
There was an AMAZING anonymous donor that donated the 60 dollar start up fee on so the Moore SLP's could keep more of the royalties from the bundles sold over the next month. SO whoever you are- THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Each bundle consists of different products! They are 15 dollars a piece and believe me with around 25-30 products in them it is well worth the price AND you get to know that you are helping out a great cause! To go directly to either bundle you can press the images below and they will send you off to your destination! If you look below each bundle picture you will be able to see a list of the Speech TPT stores that contributed products!

(Envelope graphics purchased from Graphics From the Pond--Stamp Graphic From  Putting Words in Your Mouth)

Bundle 1 is $15 and consists of $140+ worth of items (yes thats an awesome bargain) from these 31 UH-MAZING speech TPT stores:

(Envelope graphic purchased from Graphics From the Pond-Stamp graphic by Putting Words in Your Mouth)

Bundle 2 is also $15 dollars and consists of $140+ worth of items from these 25 UH-MAZING speech TPT stores: 
I also want to give a HUGE shout out to these companies who have generously offered to donate products, apps, gift cards and gift certificates to the Moore Public Schools SLPs! These companies and Individuals donated therapy items (sometimes BOXES!) of materials to the Moore SLP's. They deserve a lot of recognition for their efforts and generous donations! This list is in no particular order.  There is a blog post that details their donations and how wonderful it has been to coordinate with each one of these companies. 


There have been countless other TPT stores that have sent products from their stores and I just want you all to know about them too! I would also like to give a special shout out to Natalie of Just Wright Speech, Kelly from Speech2u, Jess from Figuratively Speaking and Shannon from Speechy Musings for taking the time to put all of the bundles together and assist in the donation efforts! Every single one of my "blogger speech buddies" as been such an asset and "speech angels" throughout this entire process. If you all didn't know how giving and caring our speech community was, I am here to tell you that everyone's generosity and love has been soooo moving. I am honored to be a part of this blogging community and speech pathology profession.

If you would like to make additional donations of therapy materials or monetary donations, here is what you can do:
1) Donate to the paypal widget on the side of my blog. Donations to that account will go towards the same account that the proceeds from this fundraiser will go to =)
2) Email me at for an address if you would like to donate actual therapy materials

Thank You ALL for supporting the SLP's of Moore, Oklahoma. We appreciate you more than you know. This generous contribution will be silver lining of this disaster. I could not be more honored to be a part of this speech community.

I will end with another quote:    “It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”