Friday, November 30, 2012

Gluten Free Snack Idea for the Fall/Winter Months!

I just got introduced to pomegranates by my wonderful sister! My entire family and my husbands entire family came to visit for thanksgiving. Of course, I made gluten free stuffing and gluten free gravy using sorghum flour and not wheat based flour. It was DELICIOUS! It didn't seem any different than any other Thanksgiving food that I've eaten in the past.

Anyways, so back to pomegranates. They are delicious and very fun to peel. I cut the top off, then immerse the fruit in a bowl of water. I then peel back the peel a little at a time and pop those beautiful crimson seeds out of the middle. The white skin will float to the top of the water and thus is less time for you having to peel the fruit. They are full of antioxidents and are very good for your health. Unfortunately, they are a seasonal fruit, so go out and try one while you can. This is what a pomegranate looks like (see below)

 Doesn't it look yummy! I was researching the benefits for this fruit and my friend, who is battling a terrible case of morning sickness, will hopefully benefit from eating this fruit. I guess pomegranates have been used to treat morning sickness and intractable nausea as an alternative medicine for a long time. I also put a facebook post on my wall about pomegrantes and a lovely friend and fellow speech pathologist said that people from Greece eat pomegranate seeds on new years for good luck!! I would MUCH rather each pomegranate seeds than black eyed peas. I just HATE black eyed peas. I hope you all have a wonderful friday and GO BUY A POMEGRANATE- you will thank me later! I find it very relaxing to peel it too- a good way to take out some (possible) frustration from the day!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Facebook Followers!

I am thrilled to see more people following me on facebook and on this blog! I think it is SO fun to share materials and see how other speechies do therapy! Here is an incentive to get the word out to all of your speech friends! If I get to 500 likes on my Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl by the end of Thanksgiving Break (sunday November 25)- I will put ALL of my therapy items in my teachers pay teachers website for free for one day! I have 23 items on there so far- so thats 23 free downloads!

Lets see if I can reach my goal by reaching more speech pathologists, so I can share the many ideas that I have! I am going to start posting all of the free items that I find on various blogs on my facebook page. I typically send out a Fun Friday Email to all of my speech friends in my school district, so I am going to start putting all of my fun fabulous finds on my facebook page as well. Happy Speech Therapy Sessions!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ASHA Convention

In Honor of the ASHA Convention coming up, SuperDuperInc is throwing a sale. Use the code ASHA12 for 20% off of your entire order! I've always wanted to go to the ASHA convention, but have not been able to afford the opportunity (maybe in the future!). This year it is in Atlanta- one of my favorite cities.

I looked on the new product list and there are some products that I will probably purchase. The Vocabulary Chipper Chat looks great- I'm always looking for new vocabulary stimuli for my kids. I usually use the chipper chat at my elementary then use the target words with an upper level game with my junior high kids. Another item that looks promissing is the Hidden Pictures Scenes. I'm thinking that might be a great incentive item to pair along with speech pathology tasks! I bet you could do some indirect therapy with that item too. I love "fly by the seat of my pants" therapy as sometimes I get more conversational language than in direct language therapy. Plus the kids don't think they are doing therapy so the students are a little more relaxed. I like doing this right before progress report time so I can truely see their generalization of language or articulation in conversational tasks. There is a WH Freebie on my facebook page- feel free to grab it and let me know how it works for you!

I hope you have a wonderful week before Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Good Lunch!

Food: Today my breakfast consisted of a 1/2 of a bell pepper, and 2 slices of raw cheddar cheese. My lunch consisted of a handful spinach leaves, a couple slices of raw cheddar cheese and some almonds. It was really good and lasted me all day.

Speech Focus: Today I was at my junior high location, so we spoke a lot about the election and a lot of vocabulary! I was pretty impressed about how much they already knew. I am glad parents talk to their children about the importance of voting and what elections and democracy mean for our country. There are some very cute election cards over at speech room news if you want to grab them on Jenna's TPT page. I did not buy them this time around, but I'm sure they would be great for younger kids with not as much exposure to the election!

Have a great monday and get out there and vote tomorrow!