Friday, August 30, 2013

Thank Goodness for.....the Back to School Speech Blog Hop

Here is my activity just for YOU! I hope you enjoy it! Scroll down and you will see the link to where you can download it from TPT!

Grab your blog hop freebie here! This freebie is a Back to School "Let's get to know each other" Activity!
I made it for use for older students 6th grade or higher BUT if you feel it will benefit your caseload with the younger students, by all means download it!  If you download the freebie and find that it is not appropriate for your caseload, easy =) don't use it!

I hope these blog hop freebies make it easy to return to school and I hope all of these wonderful activities over the last few days get you off to a great start!

Here is your letter to use to figure out what one of the blog hop words! Unscramble the letters and enter into the huge giveaway we have going!

You can start at the first blog by pressing this picture below!

Go on to the next blog by pressing the icon below to get the rest of the letters for the word of the day for another change to enter the giveaway!

Go to the last blog to enter in your words to enter the huge giveaway! If you don't have all your letters yet, keep blog hopping until you get them all =)

Here are some of the prizes!

Links to some of the donators to our amazing hop are listed below! 

Visit my TPT store for many other fun materials made by me =) 
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Follow speechie freebies for free items all the time! I am a collaborator and all my freebies will be available here too!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Speech Communication Signs to Visitors!

Today you can grab the speechie freebies freebie by clicking the image below. This consists of two of the signs in the package.

If you would like to purchase the remainder of the signs (all 10) then you can click on the image below (which only previews 6 of the signs) and it will take you to the full product on my website. The price of the full product is only $2.50! I have used these signs repeatedly this year already and it has worked wonderfully for communication for all the people that show up on my doorstep everyday!

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One of my speech rooms!

Welcome to one of my speech rooms! 

I need to remove the rest of my boxes from moving in :) 
No horseshoe table at this junior high! 

I love my storage! 

One of my bulletin boards! 

Can't have a speech room without a OK Sooners poster!!!! 

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my speech room! I will post pics of my other room by the end of the week! 

Thanks for reading!!!