Friday, September 13, 2013

How do I organize my speech binder?

Everyone is getting their areas ready to start the year and now that I have my schedule pretty much set, I finally did my binder for the year. I have one binder for each junior high that I am at this year and I set them up identically.

Here's a peak inside!

First I have my schedule in a sheet protector (which I didn't show because I couldn't get a picture that remained confidential)
Second I have my consult checklist in a sheet protector. As I see my consult kids each month, I response record and take attendance like all my other students. I also put a check mark in a box next to their name so I can keep track of who I have seen and who I haven't for the month. 

Next I have all my tabbed dividers. I have two tabs for each school period. I keep all my response recording sheets in the front and my attendance records/goals and schedules in the back of the divider for each student. On my attendance record, I indicate if the child was seen for therapy by an X, absent by an A, SLP absent by a TA, school program SP, stayed in class for test/special reasons SC and holiday H. This helps me see if they didn't come to speech why they didn't come to speech. I also have a NS for a no show if I'm trying to hold my junior high students accountable. 

This has worked out awesome for me and I have use this technique ever since I started in the schools. It is essentially my working folders in a binder. THEN at the end of the year, all I need to do is staple all of the info together, put it in my real folder that i stored in a filling cabinet and send off to the next SLP or for me to have next year. 

How else do people organize their records?