Sunday, October 26, 2014

Speechbook Articulation Activity!

This is probably one of my most creative products to date! It includes 25 speech sounds in initial position. 11 of those speech sounds have multiple Speechbook pages for older/younger students. It has been a big hit already in many of speech rooms! There is at least 40 hours worth of time invested into this product and there are 36 pages of articulation fun.

The Speechbook will be a work in progress, as I have full intentions to add to it over time. As I add speech sounds, the price will go up. That means if you purchase now you will be getting all the additions for free over time! 

There is a /s/ freebie version for your convenience. Go ahead and download it, use it with your kids and I'll be surprised if you don't come back and purchase the full version! Many people have done this already! 

Ok so here is what is entailed in the product! 

Speechbook has received some good feedback already:
1) "Awesome way to target articulation skills in a creative way!! I am looking forward to using this resource with my students. I really like the rating cards, and my students can use them to self-monitor their productions. Also, the different levels are the perfect way to differentiate to meet the ability level of students. 
Thank you for such a great product!!"  -- Merritt

2) "Awesome! I work exclusively with secondary students who have a broad range of reading and comprehension skills. Several of my life skills students are working on intelligibility (not necessarily just a certain phoneme) and ALL of them are interested in or curious about Facebook! Way to pick a theme that will definitely grab their interest! I'm excited that you'll be adding to it;" --Speech Ninjas 

Try the free version of the /s/ sound in initial position HERE!
Purchase the full version HERE

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween Riddles and Fun for Older Students

Here is a fun supplement for the month of October. It was always hard for me to find fun age appropriate things to do for "fun" as a supplement to my speech products for Halloween, so this seemed to fit perfect this year! 

I hope your kids enjoy it! I had some of my students read through them and tell jokes to each other already in preparation to bringing this activity to you guys, and my students laughed and laughed. I also made them explain why the joke was funny to emphasize the play on words aspect of the activity. 


There are 32 riddles total in the packet, so this page is just one page of the worksheet set.

Grab the freebie HERE
Happy Halloween Speech Friends!!!!!!!!!