Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tangled Tuesday with How Pintearesting and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Today I am Tangled Up with the How Pintearesting Blog =) Her TPT store is under the name All Yall Need. I am so glad she contacted me about Tangled Tuesday because honestly I had not heard of her store before, but NOW I am GLAD that I have! She has some really unique activities and they appear to have a lot of time invested in them.  Since my life has been SOOO crazy lately (my sister is getting married, end of school year, etc) she has had to deal with all of that as well. We had to postpone from an earlier date so props to her I had the opportunity to review an activity called Park Place. It is a neat activity that contains many activities in one! So here it goes:

This is the title page to the activity!
This next picture shows the instructions and there are multiple slides in the activity that list MANY books spring themed books and I thought that was an awesome plus to the activity!

 The first game in the activity features categories! These are very cute and LARGE cards that are great for little hands to be able to pick up easily. Sometimes my little people have trouble with fine motor due to their disability so the large cards were a plus. 
The second game features rhyming! They are some cute graphics and again the cards are large for small hands and difficult fine motor skills! 

The 3rd and final game of the activity features basic concepts! I used this activity the most as I have many little ones that are having difficulty with basic concepts!

Last but not least the activity includes some worksheets that correlate great with the activity and this was a unique way to use the same activity with some older students. 

Overall this was a great and VERY functional activity that I used to target many goals! This would be a great addition to any speech room that has preschoolers or young students! Very cute graphics were selected and very well thought out. I especially liked how she listed spring books so you could choose various books to read along with the activity to incorporate more of a a "theme like approach" to therapy.

Check out her blog HERE!
Grab this activity HERE in her TPT uniquely named "All Y'all Need"--it's sale day so be sure to grab this item with the low prices =D

Thanks as always for tuning into Tangled Tuesday! This is going to be the last Tangled Tuesday until my next school year starts! I will be working in adult rehab all summer so the majority of my TPT items would not work with those patients (although maybe some). So I will be having some blog posts over the summer, but just not as many as I usually do during the school year! I have some app reviews that I have done throughout the year that will post on different dates throughout the summer and I will of course be working on some materials for you all for the next school year!
I LOVE my followers and I know I wouldn't be the blogger I am without you all!

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