Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Speechie Freebies Post: How do you assess cognition when you are in acute care?

I have received this question a lot lately and so I decided I would share with you my version of what I do as a quick assessment of cognitive linguistic skills in the acute care setting. I hope you all find it useful =)

As I go through these questions (which I have pretty much memorized by now) I always look for eye gaze, attention, thought organization, informal memory and just general conversational skills. I try to keep track of how many cues they use. For example, if I ask "about what time of day is it right now?" I would mark whether the person just knew or whether the person had to look at a clock.

SO here is what I use- I made it simple and straight out of my mouth the questions I use in acute care. My speech supervisors used these same questions and I credit them with the vast amount of knowledge they gave me years ago that set me up to be the therapist I am today- Thanks Shannon and Christina!!!!!

Click the picture above to get the google docs to download the quick assessment! 


  1. You should really use the MOCA screening protocol instead. (Montreal Cognitive Assessment) You can find this form online and in multiple languages. It gives a baseline score and is widely used by SLPs and Psychs alike.

    1. I looked it up. That will be good to be handy in my clipboard. Thanks for the suggestion.