Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pragmatics (Descriptions, Feelings, Connotations and Registers of Language) Mini-Lesson and FREEBIE!

I have been very busy prepping for my maternity leave from school and nesting around my house. My baby boy should be here within the next month, so I am very excited! I have a few more items in the works and hopefully I can get them out to you before he comes!

This new product is a mini-lesson that I finally put on paper. A lot of times the connotations and emotional meaning behind words are very abstract for my students with social goals. In years past, I have started out with them describing objects with concrete features and transitioning them to describing words and people with more abstract thoughts. When a child learns that emotion can be concrete and felt to a listener, I feel the student can be more aware of how words can "hurt" others or have an attached meaning that maybe the student did not intend to attach to his words.

There are 8 sets of worksheets included in this product. The first description worksheet set I have made available as a freebie. This can be used to enhance vocabulary as well, because I picked higher level description words for the activities that are more fit for a upper elementary, junior high or lower high school student.

The table of contents is as follows.
Introduction and talking points 
Worksheet Set 1 Descriptions
Worksheet Set 2 Descriptions
Worksheet Set 3 Adjectives
Worksheet Set 4 Intro to Expressions and Feeling Words 
Worksheet Set 5 Adjectives in a story 
Worksheet Set 6 Intro to Tone of Voice
Worksheet Set 7 Connotations of Words
Worksheet Set 8 Registers of  Language
Graphics Credit/Copyright Information
There is a full preview available of the product to give you an extended view of what the product will entail prior to purchasing the activity mini-lesson. The freebie is included in the preview.

***Be sure to only print the pages of the freebie otherwise it will print the rest of the mini-lesson with the word preview across the page***
Here are some example pictures of the activity in its entirety for easy convenience and a small taste of the mini-lesson with student worksheets! There are 43 pages total, so this is just a few of the activities in the lesson!

Thanks as always for reading my blog! If you leave a comment in the blog comments, I will pick a winner later on for a free copy of the activity


  1. this is such a great activity. there is definitely a need for this in my middle school population. its on my (short) wish list. thanks for sharing this. I am sure it was a ton of effort.

  2. This looks like an excellent packet for vocabulary dveelopment in slightly older students. I would love to win it!

  3. I would love to win this social packet. It would be a great for my social kids.

  4. This would be great for my high school students. I have so many working on these types of social goals.

  5. Just got a few new students with similar goals I don't really have an activity for. This is great.

    1. congrats!! You won! Email me @

      majorspeechminorgirl @ hotmail.com

      and claim your prize!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the freebie! This looks great for my upper elementary/middle school students.

  7. I really like the second half of the activity that discusses positive and negative connotations, adjective intensity, etc.

  8. Thanks to all who entered! I have been MIA lately. I am expecting my first baby in a few weeks and I have really bad pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, so I have not been on my computer! Hopefully after I deliver, my fingers will go back to normal and I can resume my blog as normal =) Thanks for your understanding!