Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Muncher- Thanksgiving Stuffing!

My dad has always made amazing stuffing for Thanksgiving! He makes it from scratch and it is one of my absolute favorite parts about preparing Thanksgiving dinner. 

HERE is a recipe similar to how my dad makes it and it comes from the blog Gluten Free Betty.

(Photo Credit Gluten Free Betty)

This is how my dad makes his stuffing. He takes an unmeasured amount of butter and places it in a frying pan to melt. He then adds his spices. Usually its thyme, sage, Italian seasoning, poultry seasoning and garlic to taste. Then he adds chopped onion and celery and lets it soften in the butter. Next you toast a loaf of bread (or however much you want to make). After the bread is toasted, you cut the bread into cubes. The dry bread allows the bread to soak up the moisture from the butter mixture. Next comes the fun part! Put some of the cubes of bread into a mixing bowl, then pour some of the butter mix in the same bowl. Your hands get to do some dirty work! Start putting those puppies to work! Mix and mix and scrunch and scrunch. Then add more bread cubes and more butter mix until it is all done. 

When the turkey is finished cooking, place the stuffing mixture into the oven to bake up a little bit. I know this "recipe" doesn't include many measurements or times, but i think that's why Thanksgiving is the way it is. Each family does it a different way and that's what makes each Thanksgiving unique!

Enjoy eating all of the fun foods and you can still have a yummy Thanksgiving if you have to eat gluten free!

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