Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thank Goodness for...Neds Head from Super Duper Inc.

                                           Thank Goodness for Ned's Head!

Ned's Head from is a great item to have in your speech room! Kids love to stick their hands in his ears and nose to find hidden items.

Here are some ways you could use it:

1. As an incentive! Each time the student completes a task- the student can reach in to get an incentive. I usually put in some small rubber dinosours. If the student gets a green dinosaur, then they get a piece of candy. If they get a red dinosaur, they do not. I only put in a few green dinosaurs.

2. As a sentence generation task! Have the student reach in the head and pick out a card or object. The student then has to create a sentence using the object/picture.

3. Description Task: I hid different cards or objects in Ned's Head and had the students describe the picture.

4. Articulation Task: Have each student draw a card from the head. The student would say the word/phrase/sentence.

5. Sorting Activity: Place items in the head that can belong to different categories. The students will reach in and grab a card/object and place it in the correct spot.

These are just some of the ways I utilize Ned's Head in my speech room! Have you used Ned's Head before?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Since when is Ned's Head owned by super duper? I bought mine either on Amazon or toys r us. It cost me $20, so the fact that it's on SD for $40 is a complete rip off! I do love this game though!! For any readers out there, purchase it on amazon to save yourself some money :)

    1. Super Duper might just be a distributer for the product. I never said that it was owned by Super Duper. No matter where you purchase the product, I think it is an excellent game. I wanted people to be aware that it is from Super Duper because many districts only allow given funds to be spent from actual therapy websites. Thanks for your input to those people that want the product, but cannot spend the 40 dollars on Super Duper.

    2. I'm sorry, I totally didn't mean for that comment to come out rude. I just get frustrated with super duper because their products are often overpriced. It is a great game! I bought it when I was still in grad school, it's one of my treasures :)

  2. I miss my Neds Head. I had to leave it at a different school that I worked at because it was purchased with PTA money. You just reminded me how much fun it is. Now I'll have to get a new one!