Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ASHA Convention

In Honor of the ASHA Convention coming up, SuperDuperInc is throwing a sale. Use the code ASHA12 for 20% off of your entire order! I've always wanted to go to the ASHA convention, but have not been able to afford the opportunity (maybe in the future!). This year it is in Atlanta- one of my favorite cities.

I looked on the new product list and there are some products that I will probably purchase. The Vocabulary Chipper Chat looks great- I'm always looking for new vocabulary stimuli for my kids. I usually use the chipper chat at my elementary then use the target words with an upper level game with my junior high kids. Another item that looks promissing is the Hidden Pictures Scenes. I'm thinking that might be a great incentive item to pair along with speech pathology tasks! I bet you could do some indirect therapy with that item too. I love "fly by the seat of my pants" therapy as sometimes I get more conversational language than in direct language therapy. Plus the kids don't think they are doing therapy so the students are a little more relaxed. I like doing this right before progress report time so I can truely see their generalization of language or articulation in conversational tasks. There is a WH Freebie on my facebook page- feel free to grab it and let me know how it works for you!

I hope you have a wonderful week before Thanksgiving!

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