Friday, November 30, 2012

Gluten Free Snack Idea for the Fall/Winter Months!

I just got introduced to pomegranates by my wonderful sister! My entire family and my husbands entire family came to visit for thanksgiving. Of course, I made gluten free stuffing and gluten free gravy using sorghum flour and not wheat based flour. It was DELICIOUS! It didn't seem any different than any other Thanksgiving food that I've eaten in the past.

Anyways, so back to pomegranates. They are delicious and very fun to peel. I cut the top off, then immerse the fruit in a bowl of water. I then peel back the peel a little at a time and pop those beautiful crimson seeds out of the middle. The white skin will float to the top of the water and thus is less time for you having to peel the fruit. They are full of antioxidents and are very good for your health. Unfortunately, they are a seasonal fruit, so go out and try one while you can. This is what a pomegranate looks like (see below)

 Doesn't it look yummy! I was researching the benefits for this fruit and my friend, who is battling a terrible case of morning sickness, will hopefully benefit from eating this fruit. I guess pomegranates have been used to treat morning sickness and intractable nausea as an alternative medicine for a long time. I also put a facebook post on my wall about pomegrantes and a lovely friend and fellow speech pathologist said that people from Greece eat pomegranate seeds on new years for good luck!! I would MUCH rather each pomegranate seeds than black eyed peas. I just HATE black eyed peas. I hope you all have a wonderful friday and GO BUY A POMEGRANATE- you will thank me later! I find it very relaxing to peel it too- a good way to take out some (possible) frustration from the day!


  1. My FAVORITE salad of all time: chopped romaine, pomegranate seeds, sliced red onion. Serve with poppyseed dressing. YUM!

  2. Tried to post the link, but it wouldn't let me...I'll try again:

    1. I will have to try it! I LOVE LOVE pomegranates! Thanks for sharing!