Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tangled Tuesday with Busy Bee Speech and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Today my friend, Lauren, and I teamed up for a Tangled Tuesday! Today I am showing her "Cause and Effect Arcade" activity! This is a well thought out activity that is great for elementary school and teaching cause and effect. So without further a-due here it is:

 There are very useful teaching posters included. There are labeled as reminder cards in the packet. There is also one for Effect. Since they are both on one page, I printed one out for each student working on cause and effect and had them utilize it before answering the question. 

Next there is a game board and dice layout included for added fun! I used the game board for the entire group. I used the cards for this activity for my students working on cause and effect and I used other stimulus cards for my student's other goals. That way I could use the same game despite having different goals.

For the first activity, the students label whether the underlined portion of the statement is a cause or effect. This was great as a receptive learning portion of the activity. 

The next set of cards has the students identifying the cause or effect of the situation on the card.

 The next activity has the student(s) expressively naming causes or effects for various situations. This was a nice way to show true knowledge of the subject area.

 To make the game even more fun, there are bonus cards! My students loved the idea of arcades. 

This was a really well thought out activity to target this area. Even my students in junior high have trouble with this "abstract" idea. I usually say my students get caught in "concrete world" and this activity will be a go-to activity for me to help my students escape concrete world.

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