Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thank Goodness for Grannies Candies!

I have owned Grannies Candies ever since I began as a clinician in the school environment. My students absolutely LOVE this game! They liked the original version SO much that I decided to buy the 2nd and 3rd versions of Grannies Candies as well. Here is a short and sweet review of one of my favorite items from Super Duper Inc.

Set 1- Game of Word Meanings!

This is the fun game board that comes with the game!

In the original version (Set 1) , you receive 672 word-meaning cards (84 for each area below):
  • What belongs in this group?
  • Which one doesn't belong?
  • Give a describing word.
  • How are they alike?
  • What do these have in common?
  • What is this used for?
  • How are they different?
  • Give an action word.

These are examples of some of the game cards!

Now for Set 2-Vocabulary and Figurative Language Edition!

Set 2 includes 672 semantic skills cards (84 for each skill area):
  • Name a word similar to this one. (Synonyms)  
  • Name a word opposite of this one. (Opposites)
  • Give two meanings for this word. (Homonyms)
  • What do these words mean? (Homophones)
  • What do these words mean? (Heteronyms)
  • What does this phrase mean? (Idioms)
  • What does this phrase mean? (Similes)
  • What does this sentence mean? (Metaphors)
These are some example cards from each area listed above!

Now for Set 3-Verb Edition!

Set 3 includes 672 word-meaning cards in these areas:
  • Regular Past Tense
  • Irregular Past Tense
  • Is-Are
  • Was-Were
  • Has-Have
  • Do-Does
  • Verb + ing
  • Main Verbs and Helping Verbs
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Active-Passive Voice
  • Past, Present, and Future Tense
  • Contractions

I often use the game board and the candies using other cards and/or TPT activities! 
This activity is a wonderful edition to any speech room and offers SO many cards in each area that enables each of the 3 versions to be used more than once without the student's predicting answers. For holidays, I bring in some real candy and use them with the game candy pieces for added fun! The game candy pieces also fit in the Super Duper Token Towers like you see here. My students who like knowing and seeing their progress visually uses these when playing the game. Sometimes I use the game board and these token towers at the same time depending on the students I have in my group. They like to be able to choose which way they will keep track of their treats =D

Items can be purchases from
Thanks Super Duper Inc.

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  1. Just got the token towers! Can't wait to start using them! I also have all 3 Granny's Candies and use them regularly. I've even used the cards with my adult patients too!

    1. I use the token towers a lot! I am glad you got them!

  2. I just ordered all three sets of Granny's Candies! I hope my students enjoy them as much as you enjoy using them :) Thanks for the review!