Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One of my speech rooms!

Welcome to one of my speech rooms! 

I need to remove the rest of my boxes from moving in :) 
No horseshoe table at this junior high! 

I love my storage! 

One of my bulletin boards! 

Can't have a speech room without a OK Sooners poster!!!! 

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my speech room! I will post pics of my other room by the end of the week! 

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Hi, I like your room! Thanks for sharing. How did u make the bulletin board? Is that fabric?

  2. I AM JEALOUS. Your room is fantastic. Love the storage too.. Enjoy.

  3. yes the bulletin board is fabric and then it is just border around it =)

  4. Thanks everyone! I love this room and my other one. I need to get pictures up of that one too!