Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Into Speech Blog Hop

Welcome! Everyone! I am SO excited that you have arrived on my stop for the blog hop =D I have made a fun spring freebie for you all today and I hope you get the most out of this resource =D

My item is made with spring cookies! My husband calls me the cookie monster because I LOVE COOKIES! My spring cookie item is for antonyms for elementary school. It includes a teaching phase, a multiple choice learning phase and a expressive learning phase with no cues. 
Grab the Spring Cookie Freebie by pressing the blue flower below with my secret letters on it!

Above are the letters from my page for the "secret code". Write down the letters and go through the blog hop to acquire the other letters on the other 17 blogs!
If you are starting here, press the image "On to the next blog" to go to the next blog spot to acquire more letters. 
If you would like to start from the beginning, press the image "Back to the First Blog"


Once you have all the letters from all 17 blogs, unscramble them to find the "secret code phrase". Grab all the freebies along the way! They are all different freebies and all target different goal areas that enables you to have one heck of a lesson plan for the rest of the year!

Press this image below and enter the secret code as your entry to win one of three awesome prizes. The contest will close April 15th!

First Prize: $50 dollar gift certificate to TPT
Second Prize: $30 dollar gift certificate to TPT
Third Prize: $20 dollar gift certificate to TPT
The rafflecopter is on this last blog page-enter the secret code in the box to enter!

Thanks for hopping around our blog hop =D
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