Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ask and Answer WH Question BINGO Review

Today I am reviewing WH Bingo by Super Duper Inc. I was given this item to review, but no other compensation was received for completing this review. Overall I really liked the product. I have some very low level junior high students this year and they all really liked this item. WH questions can sometimes get monotonous to work on whether you are a student completing the task or SLP teaching WH questions.

There are what, when, where, who, why and WH combo bingo sets (bingo cards and question cards). I really like that they are already laminated for durability because sometimes my kids are tough on cards without even trying to be. The cards as seen below are easy to read and the answer is already on the card along with a picture cue.

Here is a picture of one of the game cards and stimulus cards. 

My students overall enjoyed the game! I used it as a reinforcer activity because the students that I played this with got caught up in the competition instead of the actual idea of therapy. I played the black out version and the turn by turn version of BINGO.

Pros: It is simple and easy to carry out as a therapy activity. The WH questions are relevant and my students loved playing BINGO. I liked that all the players could place a token down at each turn so they all remained involved in the activity at all times and benefited from the challenge.

Cons: I didn't like that the answer was on the card. I like when my kids can pick up their own cards and read the stimulus question aloud when able. Since the answer was on the card it made it impossible for me sit back and just give cues. I had to read aloud every card. I also wish that there were more stimulus cards than answers on the game board. Each time a student answered a question, every student was able to put down a token and my students didn't really understand why. 

Thanks for reading this review. You can find the BINGO game here


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