Thursday, October 31, 2013

Word Feast Figurative Language Middle School by Linguisystems

I purchased an awesome product from Linguisystems. FINALLY there is something out there that is higher level and made for secondary students. We NEED more items like this! If any large companies are out there--here our plea!
Here is what the product looks like:

Here are all the lessons that are available. There are 16 total and there is an answer key available.

When you open the first page to the lesson, you see the "new expressions" that are to be targeted during the lesson. there are questions to ask to check for prior knowledge and to get their brains thinking on the topic. Then the last portion states the materials that are included in the lesson.

Next there is a short passage that includes all of the "expressions" targeted during this lesson. I like that I was able to read the passage and emphasize the bolded phrases. It also gave them a chance to hear the phrase used in context where context clues could be used later to help them with the activities.

Up next is a functional exercise that is included in the lesson. In the functional steps it also continues to include the bolded phrases/expressions that are being targeted for the lesson, so students can begin to realize that these are not just phrases we need to learn just because someone said so. They are phrases that are utilized in the real world (and often!)

Up Next is a definitions page of all the phrases/expressions targeted during the lesson. This was nice to have. I made note cards out of these definitions and then had each student use each phrase in a sentence to check for knowledge acquisition.

The next part is making associations with the phrases. This is also a nice functional task to incorporate into the learning sequence. The students were required to associate the phrase with a real life situation.

 Next I made copies of this page to hand out to my students. This page required the students to finish the thought. It really was nice because this was their first chance to take a stab individually at using these phrases, but also still having some guidance and context clues.

 I think I liked this part best! This tested the students ability to be able to apply their knowledge. The questions made the students choose a word/phrase that had a similar meaning or an opposite meaning. Meta-linguistics at its best right here! 

The last portion of the lesson, I didn't happen to snap a picture of quite yet. It is called "in your own words". This activity had the student state verbally answers to questions and then asked them why or why not. I liked the verbal expression component and we had a lot of great discussions from this portion of the lesson!

Overall this product was well worth the money! It was a lesson that could just be implemented. I used it over the course of a week with my social groups. I basically went through the lesson step by step and it really helped them learn, utilize and discuss all the new expressions. This would also work well as homework! 

I hope you enjoyed this review and get your copy of this item here! There is also an elementary version here! I would like to purchase that version for my junior high students that aren't ready for this level of figurative language. 

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