Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Interactive Subject/Verb Agreement Activity and other Interactive Items I have in my store right now!

I don't normally do this, but I am writing about my own activity. I have a lot of students with grammar goals this year and many of them struggle with is/are/was/were so I decided to make a product. My junior high students really have loved incorporating the iPad into therapy thus I have made another interactive product. This item requires no printing and can be used on any device that displays a PDF. I happen to utilize it on my iPad.

This is the main screen that shows the options for ways to target this subject-verb agreement goal.

This is one of 6 example screens that the SLP/teacher can use to teach prior to completing the therapy tasks.

There are three ways I have arranged the "create a sentence" task. One where the student needs to create a sentence in present tense using the correct verb.

Another area where the student is required to create a sentence in past tense using the correct verb.

The last area is where the student can choose to create a sentence in present or past tense, but still must use the correct verb.

The other task in this activity is where students are required to tell the verb that goes with the sentence. I always have my students look for key words like "yesterday, last night etc" to determine if it should be a present tense or past tense verb that goes with the sentence and I also have them analyze the sentence to determine if there is one or more subjects to also help determine which verb is correct for the sentence.

To download the full activity go here! You get 178 slides of questions with this purchase!

My students continue to need a visual, so I printed out one of the slides for them to have at all times throughout the activity to help them determine which verb to use. This helped them a lot.

Download the freebie here.  

Another interactive activity that I have in my TPT store is called "Interactive Sentence Structure Bundle". This includes an interactive lesson and worksheets to go with the lesson! 

There are other holiday themed interactive activities I have in my store right now too that could be used November and December because they involve turkeys AND reindeer!

There is an articulation activity that involves 6 sounds (r, th, sh, ch, vocalic r, s). 
There are words, phrases, sentences, create your own sentence and questions (for some of the sounds). This articulation activity is 367 slides total! See examples below!

There is also a language activity that was made to go with the same theme.

 This activity involves:
WH Questions
Multiple Meaning Words
Problem Solving
Fact and Opinion
State the Verb(s)
Irregular Past Tense Verbs
Irregular Plurals
Social Language
Create a Sentence
Correct The Sentence
Figurative Language
Concrete Categories
Abstract Categories

Thanks for reading!

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