Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3 new products I've been waiting to premier!

I have been using these items this year to address my higher level students that are so very close to being dismissed. 

The first item I wanted to address articulation carryover since a lot of my students with articulation goals are on their way out of speech therapy at the junior high level. I am all about accountability in my speech room and this packet makes the student accountable for their progress with carryover and their ultimate goal of dismissal from speech.

Here are a few of the pictures from the Carryover Currency! My junior high students love earning "money". I have used the money included in this activity as well as the lakeshore money I bought from Lakeshore last year. Either way they love seeing a "financial gain" to their progress. I always tell them it is like the real world. The more you love what you do, the money will come. The harder you work, the money will come. 

This item is in mostly black and white for easy printing and use. You can download the preview and see the entire product prior to purchasing. You can purchase the item here!

The next item I am premiering tonight is a language activity that targets higher level vocabulary for secondary students. This was also designed for my higher level language students that are getting ready to be dismissed. I really wanted to do something extra challenging and they were stumped at first, but are getting quicker each time we complete the activity! See the pics before for examples of what this item entails. You can also download the preview on the TPT page to see the entire product prior to purchasing. 

You can download the preview and purchase the item here

The last item I am premiering tonight is a freebie that has already been downloaded by others today =) This item was featured to help some of my students with social goals realize that facial expressions are not the only way to communicate non-verbally. This activity was meant to show that a game of charades is communicating and it narrows it down to acting out emotions/feelings. I felt it was a good transition from something fun to something more serious and transitional into a real life scenario. 

You can grab the freebie here

Thanks for reading about my new activities!