Friday, November 29, 2013

My TPT wish list, items I recommend that I have already purchased and items from my store that might interest you!

Thanks Jenna at Speech Room News for doing this linky for all of us to see what everyone recommends and what is in THEIR carts for the sale! 

(Picture used with Permission from my friend over at Sublime Speech!)

There is a big sale going on December 2nd and 3rd on TPT! These are some of the items on my wish list! I have a short list this year to premier as I am heading on maternity leave in February and funds are now going mostly to baby instead of school items =) (which is to be expected right!?!) Anyways here are a few awesome products that you should consider! These are my top 6 (I had only 5, then I couldn't help but add another!!) I have other items in my cart too, but I really wanted to feature these!

1. Here are new items from my store that you might want to check out!

Check out my TPT store for 28% off all of my items including bundles! That makes for way more than 28% off those bundles! Here are some preview pictures of some of the newer items in my store!
Check out all the descriptions HERE in the store or you can CLICK each image to go to a specific product and add it to your cart!
I have interactive items (no print), bundles and many new items included in this sale!


Synonym Match Up is a higher level vocabulary activity for secondary students. 
Is vs. Are is an interactive item that targets subject-verb agreement.


Carryover Currency is an item I made to target carryover for articulation goals with my secondary students! It was a huge hit! I have an Ipad professional development presentation and a Presentation for personal use. Please read the description to make sure you purchase the item you intend to!


These next two are interactive! One is a no print interactive articulation item and the other is a sentence structure lesson and worksheet bundle or just the lesson!


Last, but not least, I have the interactive language packet with tons and tons of slides of language activities and the sentence structure word order activity for secondary students or older elementary students! 

Check out these awesome freebies I have available in my store too. Click my store icon below and it will take you to the store so you can grab them all!

Check out all my other items in my store by pressing the Major Speech Minor Girl Icon and add them to your cart while they are HOT and ON SALE! 

2. Here are some items in my cart this year!
I always try to incorporate culture and cultural diversity in my speech room and this will be a perfect item to go along with other holiday themed items this year!
Check it out at CC's TPT store HERE

Next up is an item from Speechy Musings! If you all haven't purchased this item- YOU SHOULD! Enough said.
Check it out in Speechy Musings Store HERE.

Next up is an item from Crazy Speech World. I have a few students working on Irregular Past Tense Verbs and my older students love technology, so this was an easy pick for this years sale. 
Grab it HERE.

Next up is an item from Jenna over at Speech Room News! I love her new items with real pictures. I have quite a few students with social goals this year, so I can't wait to get this item and start using it. Grab it HERE.
This item is from Lauren over at Busy Bee Speech and it has it all! Just go check out all of the goals that can be targeted using this item and you will be sure to add it to your cart too! Grab it HERE

This item is made by Nicole Allison over at Allison's Speech Peeps! It's awesome and I want it BAD! Check it out HERE!

3. Up next are items I own and recommend for your carts!

Nicole also has a K-5 version! It's amazing and a must have!

Can you tell Nicole's items are on my mind? That's because they are AWESOME! Check this carryover item out HERE

This next item is from Mia McDaniel! It's an awesome companion for an awesome book! Check it out HERE

This next book companion is from my friend Felice over at the Dabbling Speechie! Check it out HERE

Happy Cyber Monday and Tuesday Shopping!!!!