Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thirty things I am thankful for!

The thirty things I am thankful for:

1. God, who provides for me at all times. Whatever religion you may follow, you are welcome here.

2. My husband. Who has been a great friend and companion for 10 years! He is a very hard worker as a oil rig technician and he is also a volunteer fire fighter in his spare time. He is one of the many heroes in my life.

3. My family. They have encouraged me to be the best I can be from a young age! My parents are two people that are my best friends and support me in every way.

4. My job(s). I am thankful I get to wake everyday and love what I do whether I am working in the schools, acute care or inpatient rehab! My job has been so much a part of my identity the last few years that when I had to start making decisions about leaving different places in order to prepare for the birth of my son, it was like I was loosing a piece of me.

5. My iPhone/iPad. A weird thing to be thankful for, but I keep everything in my phone/ipad and it helps to keep my life very organized!

6. Food. I am thankful there are so many recipes out there that I can still love to cook and eat despite a gluten intolerence.

7. Fall clothing accessories. I love scarves, sweaters, boots, leggings and beanies!

8. My co-workers/SLP friends. I am a much better SLP because they support me and increase my knowledge every single day.

9. Ugg boots. Yup I said it. I am very thankful for my Ugg Boots! I LOVE LOVE THEM!

10. My laminator. I am very thankful for my laminator because I am able to keep the wonderful things that people make and sell last a long time!

11. TPT. I am thankful there is an avenue that allows us to be creative and generate a small side income based on what we already make for our classrooms.

12. My blog/My blog facebook page. It has allowed me to reach out to people and share my insights into this wonderful field of speech pathology. I never would have dreamed that my blog would be as big as it is. I love meeting all of you and gaining new perspectives on the field.

13. Water. I drink so much water that I am really glad we have a well. You will never find me without water.

14. Marathons. A weird thing to be thankful for, but I am thankful I had the opportunity to run a marathon at least once in my life. It taught me work ethic and stamina in a way that nothing else in my life has. It was one of the ahrdest things athletically I have ever done and completed.

15. My animals. Jordan (my cat) and Ellie (my dog). They are the most precious beings and they keep me company when my husband is gone and truly love me unconditionally.
16. Clowns. I collect them and have over 200 of them. I think I am most thankful for the memories and thoughts behind each one.

17. My students. They have taught me so much about overcoming obstacles, goals and the ability to find success in the little things in life.

18. My SLP blogger friends. This blogging adventure started as an outlet to share ideas with my friends at school. It slowly grew to a close knit group of friends that I have never met that are encouraging, helpful and genuinely as passionate about their careers as I am. I love you all and I can't wait until we can all meet someday!

19. Cards. I love receiving cards in the mail. I love the hand written note that usually comes along with it. I lost my sister in law a couple years ago and she wrote cards for every occasion. Since I have kept pretty much every card I have ever received, I have her words safely in those cards for the rest of time.

20. Shark Tank. Have you guys ever seen that show? I LOVE IT! I have learned so much about being an entrprenuer, marketing and business strategy. My dad is very savvy in all these areas, so it has peaked my interest before, but this show has really highlighted my curiousity for this area.

21. Blankets. My husband's family joked that the first couple times they met me, I was wrapped in a blanket. Very true. If I am home, sitting on the couch, I am wrapped in a blanket (usually a giraffe print one that my best friend gave me for a wedding gift 4 years go =)).

22. The beach. Although I don't live anywhere near a beach anymore, I love to visit. I love the peacefullness and the repetitiveness of the waves. I love the sun and sand between my toes.

23. The rain. I am one of those weird people that get rejuvinated by the rain. I love cold fronts and movie days and dark rain clouds. (although I could do without the severe storms for a while).

24. My expedition. One month after I bought my expedition I got in a horrible car crash when somebody hit me on the interstate. It saved my life. It also safely brings me to everywhere I need to be. It will hold my husband and baby, when he arrives in February, and all our wonderful belongings.

25. The corny holiday songs and movies. I love Christmas songs and holiday movies. Hocus Pocus on Halloween. All of the Charlie Brown specials. Toy Story Story of Terror on Halloween. The Hallmark channel with all the thanksgiving and christmas movies. Yup me=addicted.

26. Quiznos Subs! Ok I know I have a gluten intolerence, but when I cheat it is at this restaurant. My favorite meal is the classic club with bacon, cheddar cheese and lettuce and that yummy seasoning they put on! I also like the raspberry lemonade and plain sun chips to go along with it! I don't cheat very often, but when I do it is here!

27. Tennis. Although I don't play much anymore at all, tennis taught me a lot. I started playing tennis when I was 10 years old. (a late start for tennis players). It taught me work ethic, success, leadership skills when I was team captain, passion, failure, how to overcome obstacles, teamwork, mental stamina, physical fitness and control. I played tennis on scholarship to a D1 university and prevented my parents/myself from paying college tuition for my undergrad degree and minor. Tennis has brought me all over the United States to tournaments and I have met so many people that have had an impact on my life through tennis.

28. This comes from #27. I am thankful for my minor in psychology. It has helped me be a better SLP. I have recalled various things I have learned in behavioral psychology, social psychology and abnormal psychology. I never knew how much the two intertwined until I started practicing speech pathology.

29. Cheese. Yes Cheese. I like string cheese, block cheese, different types of cheese, shredded cheese, velveeta cheese, cubed cheese, parmesian cheese, sliced cheese etc.

30. To be me! I am happy with myself. I am a positive person that loves to bring joy to others. I love to help people and do better for the people around me. I love to give compliments and smile. I am not the best speech pathologist in the world. I don't work at the biggest hospital in NYC. I am not the top seller on TPT. But I am good at what I do and I have helped a lot of people. I feel I have a good balance between work and my personal life. I know I am appreciated by people around me. On my annual review at one of my hospitals, I was ranked highest in the category "fullness for life" of all my co-workers. THAT is my kind of success. THAT is how I want people to know me as. THAT is how I make my impact everyday. I cannot wait to share my "fullness for life" with my son who I am already thankful for!


  1. I love Shark Tank! And cheese! Your blog is such fun to read! Happy Thanksgiving!