Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Remind 101--its awesome!

There is this website called Remind 101! It was designed by a non-profit organization to be able to increase ease of communication between students, parents and teachers. I know I am not technically a teacher, but hey I could always use a new way to communicate with my parents and students.

So here is how it works! You go to the website and create an account.

Then you create a class.

Then you it gives you a specific number and code (I blocked mine out so I don't get a whole bunch of people subscribing to my class that don't need to be)
Next it will ask you to reply with your Full Name (even you have to subscribe to your own class) Then you send yourself a sample message. It is so cool! Then you are done with opening up a class.
I personally did not like the code that it gave me, so I created a new class and you can create your own code that way! Then I just deleted the class that I originally opened. 
You can see all the people who subscribed to your class here:
Then all you do is give out this code to your parents and students and you can send a mass message to them all! Parents/Students can choose to receive these messages as text messages or email messages. I use this to remind them of weekly homework due for the most part. The parents/students can also contact you at any time.
Here you can see the messages you already sent out. and keep track of everything.

There is even a way to schedule messages!

This is an awesome website so share with your fellow SLP's and teachers in your school. It is the wave of the future for communication!

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  1. Hey Amie: This looks very cool! Did you have to get permission from administrators to use this? I'm going to ask around at my school tomorrow to see if anyone is using it. Thanks for the info.!