Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thank Goodness for Throwback Thursday: Before they were SLP's!

So today we are starting a contest that includes baby pictures! How fun is that??? The goal of the game is to guess which blogger goes with each baby picture! I thought some of them were quite easy and others were quite hard to guess! Who doesn't like a challenge? I am so competitive I wish I could enter the contest haha!

These are the blogs/TPT stores participating!

Here are the baby pictures to choose from:

You might want to check out our blog pages for pictures of us now to try to compare facial features =) 
Shannon @ Speechy Musings
Nicole @ Speech Peeps
Kristin @ Simply Speech
Kristine @ Speak Listen Play
Whitney @ Let's Talk
Danielle @ Sublime Speech
Kristine @ Live Love Speech
Courtney @ PSST! Let's Talk

When you think you have matched up everyone's baby picture correctly then email Kristin at : with your answers! Be sure to do this as quickly as you can because the first person to send the correct answers WINS! The winner will receive a gift card for a Erin Condren planner! How awesome is that! VERY! If no one guesses all the pictures correctly, then the winner will be the person who guesses the most correctly!

Here is a picture of me (with my adorable husband) to go off of! I look exactly the same so I bet you all will guess me no problem! 

Enjoy and Have fun! I hope you win!

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