Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Gluten Free Lunch of the day

I was up later than I usually am last night because I had to go to computer training from 5:00-9:00 last night for a new computer system at the new rehabilitation hospital in Oklahoma City! I work for Mercy Health Services on the weekends because I love adults as much as I love working in the schools.

None the less, I didn't have time to make a lunch for school the night before. Today at school was Teacher Appreciation Lunch Day- well unfortunately my school was serving a lunch that I was unable to eat. So I brought my own from home (like I do everyday!). I always get comments on the soup that I brought today, so I thought I would share! It is Creamy Tomato Soup by Pacifica! I just open the container when I get to school, pop the container of soup in the microwave and BOOM an easy grab and go lunch! I also had a water bottle full of water X2 and some Kettle Sea Salt Potato Chips (which are gluten free). My husband even likes them! You can both of these products in most mainstream grocery stores. It was a quick and easy lunch and compatible with my gluten free diet! Happy Health Eating!

There are many other options of these Kettle Chips. I also like the Sour Cream and Onion. Again, I don't eat chips that much (only in a pinch of not having a prepared lunch like today or when we fix hamburgers). I have found that a lot of gluten free packaged products have a lot of sodium in them. So watch your salt intake too. I just ate a few today to get my "salt" fix in while I sipped on my tomato soup!

Ever since I have started this gluten free diet, I have been so much happier. I will share my story of how I found out later on this week =) Thanks for reading!

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