Friday, October 26, 2012

Speech Materials Organization Ideas

I shared with my fellow speech pathologists today some storage ideas for materials and so I thought it would be best to put it on here too!

The first thing I shared was storage for printed materials. I found it on someone else's blog, but I CANNOT for the life of me find it again. Basically this person took duct tape and taped the end of a plastic ziplock baggie. She then took a 3 hole punch and punched 3 holes on the duct tape side to allow for the baggies to be placed into a binder for storage! Wonderful Idea!

UPDATE: Thanks to a fellow speechie and commenter- she was able to find where I originally found the Ziplock idea. Ziplock Baggie Idea by Speech Language Pirates

The second thing I shared was how to share printed cards. I either use the "pill baggies" from Walgreens or the portable soap containers for larger cards. Both work great! They kind of look like these!

More Storage Ideas:
 If you need a way to hold printed chipper chats or BINGO cards- this is how I do it. I put them all in sheet protectors and place them in a Binder labeled Articulation or Language. Here are some pictures below.


I then put my binders in a magazine holder like this:

 I put all of my storage card baggies in a basket that I leave on shelves in my speech room. I found these baskets for 2 dollars a piece at Walgreens on sale. I am all about sales! As you can see I also have the Super Duper Inc Parking Garage for some of my card decks- I need more! Maybe that will be on my wishlist for next year's materials list =) I also have a basket of toy animals up in the corner. Baskets are my friend. I use them all the time. There are so many options to choose from and many times they are on sale!

I put my board games (mostly mine are from Super Duper Inc) in a paper holder I found at Walmart at the beginning of the school year in the school supplies section. I am always looking for possible storage ideas and I loved these- so I bought 3! I should have bought more because I use them all the time!

Anyways that is all I have for now! I hope you find this fun containers and if you have more storage ideas- leave me a comment and let me know! Sharing ideas helps everyone! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. ziplock storage post:
    ( I just happened to be looking at it)

    I was fortunate enough to find a ton of index card holders at Staples at a back to school sale a few years ago. They are little boxes that are meant to hold index cards but I have used them to store all of my homemade artic and language cards. They even came with five little 'dividers' in each box so I can separate sounds by initial, medial, final, ect...They are little plastic boxes with a snap on the front and came in really cute colors (such a plus!)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I seriously have an organization problem! If I wasn't a speech pathologist, I would be a professional organizer! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I love the paper holder idea for storing game boards! I'm doing a lot of traveling to different schools this year & the plastic storage totes the games come in are becoming seriously warped from the heat. :/ How many boards does each paper holder store?

  4. o about 50 of the collapsable boards. They are the BEST!