Friday, December 28, 2012

Free Space Friday: Storage of Response Recordings

I pride myself on my organization and this is something I started back when I was in graduate school as an intern at my school rotation. I use the Binder Dividers with tabs and pockets. I have a divider for each group session. I place my response recording sheets that includes each student's name, goals, IEP date and 3 year evaluation date in the front section of the pocket. Then, I place the attendance record and any other print out in the back pocket. I usually will have a divider in the back for all of my testing information. I place protocols in that divider for planning. So if I know I want to test Student C on monday- I will put the protocols I plan to use in that tab when doing my weekly planning. I tend to have a divider for each of my consult students, as I have a monthly check off paper included with my attendance record, so I can make sure I see each of them as stated on their IEP. These are some pictures of the items that I use:

In the tab section, I put 1st graders, 4th graders, 2nd graders etc so I know which group of students I will get next in my speech classroom. I hope this sheds some light into how I organize my student response recordings and attendance records. 

How do you organize your daily paperwork?

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