Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

This made me laugh out loud when I came across it on Pinterest. 

This joke did remind me of some of the things I learned in graduate school not too long ago. I will use this moment to do some cultural diversity education.

There is a phonological process for this called metathesis and it is typical in the African American English dialect. I remember learning that in graduate school from my amazing teacher Dr. Buckingham-- we had to do an end of the year presentation and I completed my presentation on the phonological processes of the African American English dialect. It was very interesting and as most of you speech path's know- we don't treat phonological processes if they are a part of the dialect of english that is spoken at home or in the community culture. Now if it is affecting how a student is being graded during oral assignments and such at school- then it can be addressed and you would do therapy and educate the student that there are multiple "registers" in which language is used. There is a formal register and an informal register. The formal register would be school, where the standard english dialect (SAE) is appropriate, the informal register is at home where the african american dialect (AAE) is appropriate. I am a HUGE proponent of cultural diversity and I encourage all of you to learn about the various dialects of english and how they might differ from standard american english.  It will make you a better clinician!

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