Saturday, December 15, 2012

Such and Such Saturday and Sunday: Catch Up

I have finished all of my Christmas Shopping except for the two lovely speech pathologists that I work with at my elementary school. I was thinking a gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers because we all could use some fun therapy items for the new year. But I haven't made my final decision yet, so we'll see. My husband and I decided we are just going to do stockings this year to each other. We just put a BUNCH of money into a 30X50 shop building in our backyard (we live on 2 acres), so we decided that was a big enough gift for us for the year =)

We played Secret Santa at my school this year and I received a Scentsy pot with 3 scents from my secret santa! We each got a gift for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think it was neat to include all 3 holidays, as we could spread the joy out for more months. It was pretty fun. I need to buy another Secret Santa gift for my elementary school special ed party next week.

Ok so so far thats 3 more gifts! Everytime I think I am finished with gifts- more pop up! Thats ok because I would rather buy for others anyway. I love the thought process behind gifts and I do not like that gift giving is now about christmas lists, black friday and sales. I think it takes away from the meaning and thought behind the gift. I personally think that you should know a person well enough to get them a gift without the person making you a list of items. Christmas isn't about getting the person what they WANT- its about giving a gift that shows you care. I always tell my parents each year. I would be happy with a simple letter from them.

One of the best gifts I ever received as a Christmas gift was a 2 dollar bill from my aunt and uncle. Money was a challenge for them at the time and they sent that simple gift to use anyways. I still have it today along with the card that it came in. THAT is the true meaning of gift giving! What is the most meaningful gift you have ever received?

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