Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Muncher: Chick Fil A

Ok my Monday Muncher is on Chick Fil A today! It's hard to eat out when you have diet restrictions. I have been researching a lot of menu's online before I go out with friends, family and my husband. It makes it a lot easier. My husband likes to eat out sometimes and other times I just need a quick bite on my way between jobs. I forgot my lunch one day at school and I was thinking crap! now what I am going to do. I quickly looked up the menu for Chick Fil A and was surprised that they had one! Here is the gluten free menu for all of you that are gluten intolerant. 

I happened to have had the chicken nuggets and a drink because at the time I didn't even look at the sides because I do not like cole slaw and I wasn't feeling like fruit that day. When I got back I was pleasantly surprised that Chick Fil A's french fries are gluten free- WOW! Never would have expected that! Anyways, I loved this restaurant before I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and now I can love it too!

This is one of the salads that are gluten free from Chick Fil A. I have been very good about not eating out. I eat out for lunch probably one day a month. At least this gives me another option for my monthly eat out adventure =)


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