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Two Speechie's Tangled on a Tuesday: Word Nerd Speech Teach and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

The second Tangled Tuesday features Lindsey from Word Nerd Teach Speech Blogspot! The first Tangled Tuesday was a hit and I have received a lot of positive feedback! Again, I am SO excited about this activity- I know you will love it as much as I did!

Today, I am reviewing her Polar Bear Articulation- Early 8 (/m/ /b/ /n/ and "y"). The other 4 sounds will be featured in another activity produced by Lindsey as the document would have been much to long to have all 8 sounds together.

Here are a few photos of the cards that are featured in this activity.

/b/ in initial position card

/y/ in initial position card

/n/ in initial position card

"y" in medial position card

 /n/ in final position card

/m/ in medial position card

This is how the activity works! You cut apart the Polar Bear card- which is already sectioned off into initial/medial/final positions for you. See below.

Then you place each section over a light buzzer as shown in the picture below.

The child will choose a card from the stack. If you are working with a group, you could include all of the sounds or if you are working in an individual session you can utilize one group of the cards. The child will see the picture and tell the clinician what the word target word is that is on the card. The child will then buzz the correct placment of the sound using the light buzzers above.

Alternatives for pre-school population and elementary population: This is my specialty! How to play a game more than once without losing the integrity of the task! If you don't have buzzers, you could use chipper chat magnets and a magnetic chip on each of the polar bear sections for the child to pick up the chip where the sound is located. Another option is to have the child pick up the part of the polar bear that has their sound in it. You could make it a game with this too by telling the students whoever gets the most completed polar bears at the end- wins! If you wanted to make it a quick game, you could tell the kids whoever makes a polar bear first wins the game. You could make it a game show opportunity- the child who buzzes in with the right answer first "wins" the card and keeps it in their stash and whoever has the most cards at the end wins! There are so many possibilities.

Alternative game use for older elementary and junior high: If you want to make this activity to fit older kids, you could have them grab a multiple cards, then have them write a sentence using their words (sentence formulation, grammar, increasing length of utterance) I used it with my older kids by having them following multi-step commands (put the lion beneath the mayo after you put the yarn above the bat)

I hope you enjoyed this review of Polar Bear Articulation! I think it is a great game that cane be used for pre-school, elementary and homeschool children. It would also be a great grab for mom's to work on their child's sounds at home to add more language stimulation to their day.

Check out her blog at http://wordnerdspeechteach.blogspot.com for a review of my activity "Germy Battle Game" and "Germy Definitions"! I usually play those activities together and my kids love it!

Here is a link to Lindsey's activity on TPT: Polar Bear Articulation
Here is a link to a FREEBIE offered by Lindsey as well: Where is the Snowman FREEBIE

Her Polar Bear Articulation Activity will be on sale for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Here is a link to my items that Lindsey reviewed over at WordNerdSpeechTeach:
Germy Definitions and  Germy Battle Both of these items will be on sale this Tuesday and Wednesday as well!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all of my friends and followers!

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