Friday, March 22, 2013

Free Space Friday: Organizing your students!

I know some of the students on my junior high caseload have MAJOR organization issues. What do you do to help keep your students organized?

At our school our students are only allowed to wear those string bags throughout the day. All backpacks and bag are required to stay in their locker all day. This has made it somewhat difficult for my students to stat organized. SO we came up with a solution. We designed a card that had 4 questions on it:

1) Do I have my homework to turn in?
2) Did I do my bell work and turn in my homework from last night?
3) DId I place my notes/work in the appropriate section of my binder?
4) Do I know what I need to put in my locker and what to get out for my next class?

These have been wonderful guides to help our students get organized on HOW to think ahead and plan.

All we did was go into Microsoft Word and type up the 5 questions. We printed them on card stock and laminated them. THEN we hole punched a couple holes at the time and used a rubber band to tie them onto the string bag.

So this post is how to organize your students instead of how to organize your room! I hope you found this useful.

Is there any particular way you have found that helps your disorganized students stay organized??

Amy @ Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

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