Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Speechie's Tangled on a Tuesday: Speech Time Fun and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Today is Tangled Tuesday with Speech Time Fun! She has a wonderful blog and TPT store and has much to contribute to the field of speech pathology! Today I am reviewing Space Alien Adjective Aliens! Look how cute the graphics are- I am in LOVE. There is something that most kids (not all) but most kids love about aliens and space buddies.

Here is the cute directions page for your reference:

There is a cute game board that accompanies this activity for use with this activity or with another activity! I often pull out these game boards when I use materials by other large companies as well =D

The first portion of the activity is where the students have to decide what kind of adjective the adjective on the card is. 

These are some of the example adjective cards.

Here is a cute close up of one of the cards.

The second portion of the activity is where the students will match up an adjective card with a noun card. Here are just a few of the examples of the noun cards available in this activity!

Last but not least there is a matching worksheet that you can use to see how much your students have learned. There is an inferencing and problem solving aspect to this as well because students have to read through all of the words to determine which adjective fits which noun best!

I used this activity in all of the ways above. I went above and beyond the activity by using parts of the activity and expanded on it. For example, I used the noun cards and I had my junior high students write down as many adjectives to fit that noun as possible. Then I did the opposite with the adjective cards. I chose an adjective and I had the students write down as many nouns as possible that could be described by that same adjective. I was surprised how many nouns/adjectives that my students were able to come up with!

Check out Speech Time Fun blog here for a review of my activity Super Gator Social Skills
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I have really been into using activities that target "metalinguistics" or thinking about language. This adjective activity went PERFECT with my Rain Kids Synonyms using the adjective section. So I had students match adjectives to nouns in this case. Then I used the Rain Kids activities to introduce the students that there can be synonyms to adjectives then I had them come up with adjective synonyms to each of the words in this activity as well. I love when TPT purchases go together nicely. You can check out the Rain Kids Activity here

Thanks for taking the time to come over here and read Tangled Tuesday! Check in next week for Tangled Tuesday with Allison's Speech Peeps Blog!

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