Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Muncher: Split Pea Soup

Yumm-o I LOVE Split Pea Soup and I just made it this past weelk for dinner! Always check ingredients to make sure it is ok with your diet restrictions (if any).

Here is what I use:

1 Bag Split Peas (~2-2.5 cups)

2 Quarts Water/Chicken Stock/Veggie Stock

1Ham Bone or broken up cooked ham (as much as desired)

Salt and Pepper
(optional) onions, herbs, celery, carrots- I tend to leave these out because I like the natural flavor, but some people choose to put them in =D

All you do is pour the package of split peas into the water/stock. Bring them to a bubble (boil). I leave it boil for 1 minute or so. I add the ham bone or ham pieces. Lower the temperature to medium on the stove so it simmers for 1.5 hours. I stir as I go every once in a while just to check on it. If your peas don't start to get smushy, then turn up the temperature a bit. I taste after a while and add spices to taste. I personally like to add steak seasoning--yummy conglomerate of flavors in 1. Some people prefer to use a immersion blender to make it really smooth. I like mine a bit chunky, so I do not blend mine once it is finished. You know its finished, when the soup looks smushy with ham pieces sticking out. If you use a ham bone, then remove the meat from the bone and place it back in the soup.

It's yummy and easy even though it does take a bit. BUT its a great soup for a cold day like today (at least here in Oklahoma).

I always make my soup the day before I am going to eat it for a meal- split pea soup is ALWAYS better the next day because the flavors mix together overnight in the fridge.

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