Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thank Goodness for the Sounds Like Learning CD

Thank Goodness for the Sounds Like Learning CD from Barbara Milne! I only use track 4 (the song below) as I am a speech pathologist, but other tracks would be great for early learning.

My co-workers made cards from boardmaker to go along with the song. We have all of our younger students and students with MR/autism or lower level kid sing this song before every speech session! There are hand signals for sound prompts to go along with this CD too! It's amazing how fast they learn the hand signals. Our kids have grown so much in the ability to produce phonemes and participate in therapy. I highly recommend this CD for any speech pathologist initiating sounds in younger children. I have been so impressed on the improvement I have seen in my lower level students using this CD in sessions!

Here is an example video of it on You Tube:

Here is her YouTube Channel! Barbara Milne YouTube She has some amazing stuff!
You can buy her CD here or buy the MP3 version here!
Her website is

I hope some of you preschool and early elementary SLP's/teachers take advantage of this blog post!


  1. I was sold on the A, B ,C song until I listened to /r/. So disappointing when they produce it as "ruh".

    1. On the CD I have it does not say it like that- I am not sure why they changed it. On mine it says "err err err".