Friday, March 1, 2013

Free Space Friday: Interesting Game Containers

I am a huge  fan! Who isn't these days! I always find the neatest products there that I cannot find anywhere else!

Today, I am showing you some neat alternatives to packaging of card games. With this post though you have to buy the game this way. I'm not sure about you- but I can't stand the flimsy boxes those card games come in.
This is how you buy them: 
 and this is how they end up after a while because the box fell apart:

Although there are other homemade options like this one: 

I found this alternative at Target one day while shopping around! Card games packaged in non-cardboard containers! SCORE!

Here are all the mod versions of my favorite games!
The games come in these cool containers! Why do I like these versions as a organization tool? I like them because you can easily stack them. They are the same size and a simple way to store the cards. No more having to fit all the cards back into the cardboard box, having the top of the box rip or losing the directions. I have had these games for over a year and they still look brand new. I use these games in therapy as a bonus day or as a supplement to my therapy task. I try not to spend any more than 2-3 minutes on the game during the session because the students are only in the session for a short time and I want them to be doing speech stuff!  So if you have room in your budget to buy these games instead of the box card games- you will be doing yourself a favor by saving more in the future as you will not have poor packaging of the cards anymore and a neater way to store the games!

If you were using your Ipad for the session, you could even use the apps for games like these! Seen here:

I love the way these games are packaged in small containers and they are totally worth the money so your card games don't end up looking like eye sores in your speech room! I'm telling you I don't know how much money I spend on things to help me stay organized!

Thanks for reading!

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