Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Friday News: My hive became a whole lot buzzier!

Today I got "buzzed" into Speechie Freebies as a collaborator! I am beyond excited for this new adventure and I am glad to be able to share my freebies with all of you! I work at an elementary school and a junior high school so I make activities/freebies for both populations of students. This particular item is targeted towards my junior high population!

Over at my hive I create sweet things for all of you =D Spring is slowly showing it's face here in Oklahoma, so I wanted to make sure my new activity included some spring-time graphics.

My introductory freebie is "Rain Kids Synonyms : Verb Version". In this activity, there are 54 verb cards of synonym pairs using verbs. See there are many types of synonyms: verb synonyms, noun synonyms, adverb synonyms and adjective synonyms. I liked breaking the synonyms up into categories because it allowed my students to get specific in the way they thought about synonyms. Here are a few screenshots on the activity for you to view before going to download over at my TPT store =D I made this activity to target higher level synonyms for my junior students. I have not yet used it with my elementary students, but I feel some of my upper level kiddos could benefit from this activity. Please download using your own clinical judgment to determine whether this activity is appropriate for your caseload

There are two ways to play. There is a receptive way to play as well as an expressive way to play. Both are explained in the packet. I first introduced the cards to my students as a learning session. Then we played "go-fish" and "memory" versions of the game. Lastly, I sorted the cards and had the students tell me the synonyms of the pairs in a drill type session. Towards the end of the session I had them provide me with two different sentences using the synonym pairs. This could easily be turned into a written activity too.

Watch out for the splash cards! I used these in various ways to go along with the activity! 

Grab this freebie here in my TPT store here =D

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  1. Congrats on becoming a collaborator! That is really exciting!!! :D

    1. Thank you Carly! I was very excited when I found out the news!

  2. thanks for the freebie! so cute and congrats on being a Speechie Freebie collaborator! I love to see all the great ideas and materials you have! thank you!

    1. Thank you soooo much! I am glad you like my ideas and activities! It keeps me motivated!