Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two Speech's Tangled on a Tuesday: Ms. Jocelyn Speech Blog and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Today is another Tangled Tuesday! Yay! I was on the receiving end of one of the best verb activities I have seen produced to date! This activity is called Verb Circus Resource by Ms. Jocelyn! Just take a look at this activity and you will see it is a must have item for assessing verbs- regular and irregular- in your speech classroom! Let's take a peek!

Here is the fun title page to the activity! It includes the contents of the activity along with suggestion directions for assessment and practice. 

 There are so many words included in this activity that I felt it was VERY comprehensive for my students to work on these verb tenses.

These are the the verb cards with the different tenses and the cute circus clipart was a hit with my students! There is something everyone loves about the circus!
 Then we have the irregular verb version of the activity!

Then there is a helping verb circus also! 

There is a cute dice that you can utilize for the activity as well!

The next item was awesome in my speech room! It is a build a sentence activity This portion of the activity was an awesome visual for my students who have difficulty with grammar and syntax. 

The next two pictures are 1/2 of the two assessment pages available in the activity.  You have the opportunity to track each of your student's responses, then tally them at the bottom!

Last, but not least, there is a subjective pronoun pronoun visual. 
SO I used this activity in many ways. I used it as an assessment (pre and post) for one of my students for a week. Then I used it as a group activity. I stated a verb in a specific tense and my students were required to tell me which tense it was that I used the verb in. I played it in the opposite way too. I had the child roll the dice and a verb tense was presented. The child then chose a verb card and had to conjugate the verb on the card to the verb tense that was on the die. I used the build a sentence worksheet with this activity and also with some sentence builder cards that I already had from Super Duper Inc. There are sooo many cards for regular tense verbs and irregular tense verbs that you would have enough to last more than one session! That is always important to me in looking at materials to buy on TPT!

You can check out Jocelyn's blog to see a review of my activity here
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Grab this activity on Teachers Pay Teachers here for 5 dollars (TOTALLY WORTH IT)

Thanks for reading Tangled Tuesday! Check out Tangled Tuesday Next Week with Speech Time Fun! Tune in!

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