Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tangled Tuesday with Allison's Speech Peeps Blog and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Today is another Tangled Tuesday- my favorite blog day of the week =D Today we are tangled with Allison's Speech Peep's Blog! I was honored to receive the item context clues as an activity to review. If you were looking for a vocabulary item to purchase- this is a GREAT one! I think anything evidence based is a plus plus in our therapy rooms right now! I know many districts are requiring SLP's to have evidence based treatments in their speech rooms- so if you are in one of those districts then this is an activity for your speech repertoire.

To start us off there is a very cute title page which explains the activity =D see that 100 words- thats awesome!

 Then she breaks the activities up into multiple choice questions and open ended questions. This is nice because you can have students gradually require less cues for the correct answer. The first card in the section is a an example card so you can show the student how to look for the context clues. This was a nice tool to use to explain the activity to the student. It makes the activity less abstract =)

Here is an example of a card up close:

This is the next activity that features open ended questions: 

This is what the "clue card" would look like:

And then it repeats with words to target grades 4-8! I think it is great that it is already broken up for you. That meant less planning for me-which I like very much!

There are cute game cards to tag along with activity to make it even more fun! Anything that makes a game more competitive is right in my student's ballpark!

To accompany each set of cards is a worksheet to see how much learning has truly generalized. I think it would be great to give as a pre and post test to show the student how much they learned over a certain period of time.

I used this activity in all the ways described =D I used this with my elementary school students. I did use it with my junior high students, mostly my 7th graders. I don't have any vocabulary language 8th graders this year- weird! The kids loved the graphics and playing "detectives" in the speech room. To help with the theme, I spread the cards all over the speech room. The students were required to find the cards based on verbal cues that I gave them. It was really fun! So I targeted following directions and inferences prior to working on context clues in the activity! Anyways this is a MUST have in your speech room to target "contextual vocabulary"! 

You can purchase her activity here: TPT
Check out her blog here for a review of one of my activities
Follow her on Facebook here because she is a wonderful resource for all things SLP

Thanks as always for reading Tangled Tuesday

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