Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thank Goodness for Matt and Molly Product from Linguisystems

Thank Goodness for Matt and Molly!

I LOVE Matt and Molly! There are many different sets of Matt and Molly and even digital version on CD's seen here!
Product Image

This picture includes all the materials that come in one package.
Matt and Molly

The product features 4 card picture stories and reading statements for each picture on the back!

There are even social skill versions!
Product Image
The pictures are simple, yet to the point! I think the pictures are perfect because it allows my students to gain information, but not be overwhelmed by large pictures that can be overstimulating.

There is even a version for middle school aged students. This package comes with 5 books that include 4 stories each for a total of 20 stories/lessons!
Product Image

You can buy them here at Linguisystems: Matt and Molly Products Downside is they are a bit pricey, upside is THEY are WONDERFUL! I have used all of them in my elementary school, but I do not personally own any of them. I would LOVE to own ALL of them because I think you can adapt them to fit any goals that any student has on your caseload. Thank you Linguisystems for such a great product! Now all you need is a Matt and Molly App! =) I hope to see one in the future!

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