Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two Speechie's Tangled on a Tuesday: Crazy Speech World and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Today I am reviewing Flying Pigs Figurative Language from Jenn @  Crazy Speech World! She has some AWESOME stuff in her speech store and many of you already follow her, but if you don't you should. She has some informative posts on her blog and some fun activities in her store!

This is just the cutest activity and my students benefited so much from all of the sections! Here is the instruction page and title page =) Don't you just love the pigs??? My kids had an oinkin good time =D

There is a sweet visual that accompanies each of the areas. That really helped give my students something to refer to when answering the questions. 

The idea is to match up the large banner with the small pig and idiom! 

There is a section on proverbs! I liked this component of the activity because there are just not a lot of activities out there that target proverbs. 

Here the students match up the pig in the plane with the card. 

Next is the area of simile's! My students loved this clipart the most! I used this activity as a verbal/expressive activity as I used this activity with my junior high students. 

Next are the metaphors! Again I like the visual that my students can refer to: 

 There are awesome worksheets that accompany each activity! What an awesome way to really generalize learning from the activity cards! This is just one example! The worksheets really allowed my students to generalize the information learned into other situations. By using the figurative language statement over and over, it really allowed the student to LEARN the information rather than just memorize it for the session then forget it! 

There are cute game cards to accompany any of the above target areas! I am just LOVING these pigs and my students did also! 

Overall, this item was a huge hit in my speech room. It was really nice having visuals for each of the areas for the students to refer to when needed. I did a combination task where I combined all of the cards together. I read the card and the student was required to tell me if if was a simile, metaphor etc. This was a higher level activity that I introduced since the students that I used this activity with were junior high population. I had the students use the figurative language statements in sentences and had them explain the meaning using the worksheets provided! this immediately made the activity age appropriate for my junior high students who are often required to use figurative language in classes when writing papers etc. I highly recommend this activity and it would be a great addition to any speech room!

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  1. I could use this activity with several of my students. Thanks for the review.