Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two Speechies Tangled on a Tuesday: The Speech Ladies Blog and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Today is Tangled Tuesday with "The Speech Ladies" Blog! I have really enjoyed getting to know Kristina and her mom throughout the process of this Tangled Tuesday! I have for you a great review of a very cool activity! Answer me, Maybe? I love the play on words on the song "Call me, Maybe" Do you have that song in your head because I do haha!

Cute cute Title Page! There are 100 question cards and 100 picture cards that pair together! That is A LOT of cards-which means a lot of reptitions for this game. I know I used it multiple times with my students and I didn't even use the same cards twice! This can be used with younger kids too since there are picture cards- LOVE!

Here are some of the "who" question cards and picture cards. I did not pick cards that matched- I just wanted to give you a good idea what the cards look like!

Here are the "where" questions and their corresponding answer cards!

 Here are the "when" cards and their corresponding answer cards!

 Here is a close up of the "where" cards!

 and a close up of the "why" cards....

There are cute game cards to accompany these great question cards!

I highly recommend this activity! It will be SO beneficial to your caseload! I used this with my elementary kiddos as well as my junior high kiddos! I hope you take advantage of this wonderful activity!!!!! You could use the iphone picture cards as a describing activity or a defining activity! You could use the question cards as a stand alone item by answering questions with and without the picture card phones. I used this activity and it worked! So, I would definetly recommend the activity for your speech rooms! my students just LOVED being able to collect the phones in the different cards and yes....we did end up singing the Call Me Maybe song EVERY time we played this activity!

Thank you Kristina for the wonderful activity and the opportunity to review for you!

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