Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two Speechie's Tangled on a Tuesday: Sublime Speech and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Today my blog is Tangled Up with Sublime Speech! She has some great features on her blog and of course makes some awesome products! Today I am reviewing her Reacting Robots Activity. There is a whopping 96 cards in this activity- now that is what I call a bargain! I am always in need of functional following directions tasks and so this was a great addition to my speech collection. SO without further a-due- here is my review post!

The clipart in this activity is SO cute- I got so many comments from teachers when I was cutting out my cards in the teacher break room at my school =D My students also loved the fun robot art. They all pretended to be robots for the first couple minutes of the session! It was hilarious!

 There are very clear and concise directions on how to play the game- there are many target cards so depending on the level of the students in your groups- you can use all of the cards or you can use cards from certain pages to customize the activity to the level of your students.

The first set of cards are two step directions with the use of the word "before". Here is an example. There are 15 cards per page-3 fun cards and 12 direction cards. 

Then there is another page of 2 step directions using the word "after" as seen below: 

Next is another 12 cards that target first-then combination as shown here:

Then another 12 cards that target directions using the phrase "at the same time" as seen here:

Then we get to my favorite part of the activity- the conditional following directions. This is the area that my students have the most difficulty with so I was glad to see a bunch of target cards in these areas. 
Danielle, of Sublime Speech, made conditional direction cards using the same wording as above- "at the same time" "Before" "After" and "First/Then" Here are example cards of all of those areas. There are 12 of each target. Basically there is a page dedicated to each of the therapy task areas.

 Then there are blank cards that you can create your own cards. 

Overall I really liked this activity! This is the area that I am focused on this 9 weeks- so this activity was a great addition to my speech arsenal when trying to help my students under the concept of following directions. I really liked how there were so many target cards in each of the areas. I liked how the cards were easy to read and the language suited my elementary kids. If any of you guys have a student with a goal for following directions- than this would be a great activity for you to purchase. 

It is available in Danielle's TPT store for $4.00 here

Check out her blog for a review of one of my activities: Sublime Speech Blog

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Catch a freebie from me: Raising Your Hand Tokens I use this freebie with many of my therapy activities. I give each student 3 cards. Each time they talk/answer a question they give me one of their cards. When the student runs out of cards, they have to wait until all of the other students run out of their turn cards. This allows for my quieter students to have opportunities to participate in therapy tasks just as much as my "outspoken" kids =D

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  1. Great post! I will be adding the Reacting Robots to my 'wishlist.' The activity seems very comprehensive! Now off to read about your activity on her page. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am not sure what happened with Sublime Speech- I'm guessing she either forgot or something came up. I hope she's ok!