Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Space Friday: Storing Book Units

I am not going to do this very often I hope, but I found a neat idea on another blog on how to store book units. This is going to be a short and sweet blot post as most of the information is in the blog post link that is featured below! I am going to direct you over to Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!

Check it out her post here : Book Unit Organization Here is a picture from that blog to give you an idea about how she stores the book companions/book units!
You could store the book, the TpT items, flashcards and construction paper all in one area! That way when you go to grab "March Activities" you have it all together in one tub!
As book companions and book units become more popular in speech rooms and on TPT, I figured we needed a good way to store all of the items in an organized way. I am lucky enough to have an adequate amount of storage for all of this, but some aren't so lucky! Anyways, have a good friday and be organized!


  1. Happy Friday Amy!! Just stopping by to say hello! I am constantly searching for a way to store everything, especially since I now have oodles of TpT stuff! I just picked up hanging file folder box so I'm hoping it solves some of my organizational issues lol.

    1. Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by! I just thought this was an interesting way to store book units! I am going to start doing this! A hanging file folder box would be good too! I am always looking for new ways to organize my things! Have a great weekend!