Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two Speechie's Tangled on a Tuesday: Simply Speech and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Today I am Tangled Up with Kristin over at Simply Speech!

I reviewed her activity Category Detectives! There are so many game cards that it was hard to count them all- what a BARGAIN! I am always looking for a lot of cards for a low price- here is one of those activities!

Here is a picture of the very cute Title Page:

There is a great information page:

First, the student picks a card.....                                         
                                                            Then matches it with a category card!
There is a supplemental task to target divergent naming at a higher level! Here are example game cards:

There is another supplemental game that targets convergent categorization! See here:

Last but not least, there are cute game cards to make the game more fun! See here:

To end this amazing activity, there is a fun game board:

I played this activity with my junior high kids and they really liked it! They liked being "detectives"! This could easily be used in elementary setting or junior high setting! I hope you grab it because it was a wonderful activity! There are so many cards that it will allow you to play this game over and over! I used this activity as a tag team! I first introduced it using the divergent categorization task, then the following day I followed up with a convergent categorization activity! So I told my students on the 2nd day "Remember how we worked on naming items in certain categories. Well, today we are going to do the opposite! There are many ways categories impact our lives and today we will work on taking a group of items and telling me the category name!" They all seemed to get this "lightbulb" and "ah-ha" moment and they all did great with the second part of the activity!

So there are 3 ways to play! You can play a matching version, a naming the category version or a name items in the category version! They are all fun and kept my students engaged for the entire session!

Catch the item in Kristin's TPT store here: Category Detectives
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Here is a link to the activity that Kristin reviewed in my TPT store: Following Directions Activity
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