Saturday, February 2, 2013

Such and Such Saturday and Sunday: Jordan and Ellie

Today I am going to write about my animals, Jordan and Ellie. Here are some pictures of them!

Jordan is a small farm cat we picked up at my husband's uncle's wheat farm in Kansas. She was the runt of her litter and was very very small when we got her! She continues to be very small and is still about the size of a 6 month old cat. We have had her for about 5 years now. She is really funny! She will do anything for what we call "dingaling balls". They are just wiffle balls and a bell inside, but she LOVES them! All we have to do is look under the couch and there will be about 20 of them stashed under there. She hoards them haha. The neatest thing about Jordan is that she plays fetch. YUP thats right! We think she learned by watching Ellie when she was just learning to play fetch when we got her as a puppy. Jordan will even stay and sit on command. It's pretty impressive if I say so myself. Another thing she likes to do is play hide and seek (like the commercial picture below of the wooden block with holes cut out of it). Well, I am too cheap for that for my animals, SO I made one myself using a cereal box and those "dingaling" balls! She will play for hours trying to stuff herself in the cereal box trying to get those balls out! It is absolutely hilarious!

Ellie is our black lab. We have had her for 4 years now! She is a fully inside dog and besides her shedding all the time- I really enjoy having the company (and security) when my husband isn't home. My husband's dad named her- before we knew if we were getting a boy or a girl- he recommended that name. (Eli for a boy, Ellie for a girl) so we stuck with it and named her Ellie. She is a natural hunter and loves to go on hunting trips with my husband. She loves the water and especially the rain. You should see her dance in the rain- absolutely too cute. You know how I told you about Jordan playing fetch. Well I swear our animals trained each other because Ellie will belly crawl across the backyard to sneak up on a neighbor dog! We don't know wher she got this idea (because it doesn't work) the neighbor dog sees her everytime!
Ellie's favorite toys are stuffed christmas toys that MY CAT got for christmas! Ya these little small stuffed christmas trees and candy canes- Ellie just can't get enough of! This is kinda what they look like haha!

Ellie and Jordan are just the sweetest and I could not imagine my family without them! We don't have any children yet, so Jordan and Ellie are our fur-babies! I love them SO much! I really miss our other dog, Willie. He was named after the Kansas State Wildcat mascot, Willie (my husband grew up in Kansas). He was a boxer and was hit by a car last year. I miss him terribly. He showed up at our house one day and we asked around to see who's dog he was, but we feel like he was just dumped out there since we live in the country. We had him for 7 months or so, then he got hit by a car outside of our house. I was so sad and didn't realize how attached I was to him until he was gone. He used to jump taller than my head when we used to go feed him and jump on top of the doghouse for fun! He was such a joy!

Do you guys have animals? I'd love to know about them!


  1. Aw! What cute fur-babies! We have a dog named Wiggum. He's a pug-beagle mix and he's named after the police chief on the Simpsons (my husband is a HUGE fan of the show)