Saturday, February 16, 2013

Such and Such Saturday and Sunday: Reinforcers

What do you guys use in speech class as reinforcers? 

Candy? I try to stay away from candy, so I don't send students back to class all hyped up on energy! But there is a time and place for it!

Toys? At my elementary school, my students will do anything for a chance to go in the "treasure box or toy bin". We have collected items from McDonalds, dollar store deals etc to put in there


Kids get so bored when you use the same items over and over again. I know I have a few items on my TPT page that I use for reinforcer games to go along with any activity! The Battle Games are by far the most popular among students because it involves competition!

What are some other way you keep kids engaged in therapy? Comment below and let me know!

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  1. I like to let my students pick out the book we use for the week (for language groups) and make crafts. I use games as well but try to change them out each week.

    Miss Thrifty SLP