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Thank Goodness for Pocket SLP Articulation and Voice Apps

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Happy Valentine's Day! Today, I decided to do a post on Pocket SLP Apps! I grabbed many of them during one of their 5$ sales! They are terrific apps and I totally recommend them all! I have used them in the school setting, acute care hospital setting and rehab hospital setting! I think they would be very useful in the outpatient medical setting as well! The reviews in this post are my own and not of the producer of the app nor any of my employers.

Here are all the apps on my Iphone (there are a few missing because some are Ipad only- you will see the blog post next week on language apps that will include the language apps and the Pocket SLP apps missing in this picture below).

There is a giveaway at the end of this app for 12 app codes for the apps featured in this post!

Today I will talk about all the articulation and voice apps by Pocket SLP!

The apps spoken about today will be Speech Tutor, Magic Voice Pro, The R App, Artic Screener Pro, Pocket Artic and Pocket Pairs.

The first app featured will be The Articulation Screener Pro version! (there is a free version too available)

There is a basic screen option as well as a full screen option available to you within the app!
Choose a student and GO!

For each of the words- you can add notes about the student's production.

 At the end of the screener, it gives you a nice layout of the sounds that the student missed or produced correctly AND it gives you a developmental norms chart so you can see if a student's production is supposed to be mastered by their age.

Since I work at so many facilities an two schools- this app was great for an on the go screener. I also used this app for progress reports too.

Next app is called Magic Voice!

The student may choose whichever visual they would like for the app. This can be used with young students as well as adults! It is perfect for a therapist like me who works in many settings!

For this example, I used the rocket visual. Then the student/adult will speak into the phone and try to blast the rocket up into the air as high as they can! There is an easy, medium and hard option. I chose easy for this example.

This is an example of the rabbit and the hat visual on hard setting. The student will try to make a powerful enough voice to make the rabbit hop into the hat!

This was a great app as a visual for voice feedback to the student. Even the adults I worked with liked the visuals. Most of my adults preferred the rocket ship- I don't know why hahaha. 

Next app up is "The R App"

Here is what you see first when you open the app. You then press the plus sign to choose the R target areas.

Here is an example card of "air r" in initial position. Check mark for a correct answer and an X for an incorrect answer. The yellow button is if the student was close to producing the sound correctly. You can press the info button and it will show you various techniques to help stimulate the sound. See the two pictures below. There is also an option for parental tips and there is a lot of useful information in that section. 

The visuals on this app were wonderful to show my students exactly where I wanted each of them to place their tongue. I also have recommended this app to parents to use with their child at home. That way the student is working with the same feedback at school AND at home. Parents really responded to this idea. 

Next up is "Pocket Artic!"

This is a nice addition to card decks that I have acquired over time. I use the Ipad with students on a consistent basis, but it is not an every day thing! This was probably my favorite app of them all!

Here is the opening screen:

I set up the app using the /r/ phoneme and here is what an example card would look like. There are options for word level, phrase level and sentence level as seen below in the pictures.

These are all the available phonemes to target with this app. When you add the person's name in the app, you select which sounds you would like to target and the level in which you target them.

 There is a help section and setup section as seen here:                

There is so much to say about this app its crazy. I really liked ALL of the options available to make the app fit my caseload exactly! I liked all of the articulation stimuli for each of the phonemes. This app is a MUST HAVE! I like how easy it is to move targets and to target multiple sounds for one session. I also like how it can be word level, phrase level or sentence level stimulus items! 

Next up is "Pocket Pairs!"

There are many phonological processes that can be targeted using this app- here are a few pictures of some of them (there are more than seen in these pictures)

Select the processes you would like to target and you are off!

Set up the session! Here are some of the options that are available to you.

 Flashcards appear like this. You have the student press one and say the word.

Use them together as a minimal pair!

 There are diagrams available of each sound to compare and show the students or parents.
Now I have a confession, I have nobody on my caseload that has phonology goals. So I haven't used this app as much as the others. However, I think it is a very neat tool for those SLP's that do have that type of caseload. It is neat that the app shows the student and/or parent the difference between productions of different phonemes. I have used this with my articulation students to show them the different between what they are producing and what I want them to produce! 

Last, but not least is "The Speech Tutor"

This was a nice resource for teaching sounds to students. This would be very beneficial to parents as well!
The first slide is the basics of placement, manner and voice and how sounds are described in SLP terms.

 Then there is a description of the sound and its characteristics.

If the sound has a palate view, you can see the palate view of the sound and where the lingual touch should take place.

 Then there is a section where the app shows how to produce the sound in either side position or front position.

 You can record the student/patient producing the sound.

And watch the video of the sound being produced!

This app was a really cool visual to show students HOW to produce each of the sounds. It is sometimes hard for a child to look inside your mouth so see how you are producing the sound. This gives a visual for multiple views! I have used this app with parents as well to help them give cues at home to their child. It has been a wonderful addition to my speech repertoire. 

Overall I have really enjoyed all of these apps! I hope you gain a lot of information from this review of the articulation apps and go check Pocket SLP out! I highly recommend their apps and they will be a great addition to your speech rooms. I believe they would be great for a school setting, outpatient setting and at times even used with adults. Of course all of these are to be used using your own clinical discretion!

Enter the giveaway for ONE of TWELVE opportunities to win one of these awesome apps on the rafflecopter below!!! Yup 12 lucky people will win a Pocket SLP app! Good Luck! There will be a post next week (February 21st) on the Pocket SLP Language apps! Be sure to check back then to win one of the wonderful language apps!

Thanks for reading!

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 None of the apps provided were given to me by Pocket SLP- they were all purchased myself. The app codes for the giveaway were provided to me by Pocket SLP. Thank you!

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