Friday, February 8, 2013

Free Space Friday: Large Plastic Drawer Sets

Some of us do not have that much storage area in our rooms. I am lucky enough to be at schools that offer a fairly large speech space compared to others. For those that have small rooms, I saw this idea on pinterest and thought I would share. The idea came from Fabulous in First!

She placed her every day items in these large plastic drawer containers. See here:
Pinned Image

My horsehoe table looks more like this and my students are junior high size, so the only things that fit below the table are their feet! I don't have room for containers down there! I could probably-maybe do one just for easy access items like pencils, pens and other items we might need.

I have used the plastic drawers just as regular storage space in my speech closet and around the walls of my speech room. There are many plastic drawer set to use and all shapes and sizes!

       It's January - time to get organized with this IKEA DIY drawer organizer

here is a link to a DIY mod podge craft to make your plastic or wooden storage items look prettier:
Crafty thing to do for make your speech room prettier!

You can see how Sublime Speech uses her plastic drawers in this picture:
Sublime Speech Post

Thanks for reading as always and I hope this helps to make your speech rooms as organized as possible!

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