Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Animal Articulation Puzzle Activities

Today I have released an activity that I have put over 36 hours of time into! That's a lot of time, let me tell ya! However, it is an activity that I feel many of you will gain a lot of benefit from. I know I am pumped up about putting it to use in my speech room!

So here we go =D This is the fun title page for the activity! 

There are many sounds featured in this activity and you can read the puzzle names here on these two slides!

Here are some examples of the puzzle pictures

Another option for this activity is to cut out all the word cards and have the students place the word cards on the corresponding picture after they say them. I have thought about printing this activity twice to be able to play the activity both ways. But of course that is up to you. (that would be a lot of card stock, ink and lamination so I suggest picking one way or the other).

And now for your freebie =D The B Initial. Medial and Final version is FREE for you all to try out! I hope you and your students like it. All you have to do is print out the slides. Place the picture side back to back with the word cards, laminate and cut. 

Go get your freebie HERE

Grab the entire paid version HERE for 115 pages of articulation fun! 
My articulation activity will be on sale for today only for 7.00 =D

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  1. Just downloaded freebie! Very clever idea! Love that you used words and more than one (for most sounds). Great way to get multiple trials in a session! Also plan to have my older students formulate a single, grammatically correct, meaningful sentence with all three words. So fun!

    1. I am very glad to hear this Shannon! That's a good idea to use it for grammar- I will have to use that idea myself! Thanks for commenting =D